This category is for courses that are no longer being taught or used.

Honors English 10 provides a rigorous experience in academic writing and literary analysis. The first semester is spent studying world literature, featuring British, Russian, French, Greek, and African works. During the second semester, students will explore American literature, ranging from the Puritans to the Modernist movement.  There will also be a Writing Workshop in which students master their writing skills and several grammar units throughout the school year.

Honors Modern Lit/College Writing
This course develops both English writing and critical/analytical thinking skills through the study of
writing, literature and vocabulary in the context of both 20th century literature and the forces that
shaped it, with the explicit intent of preparing the student for not only future honors humanities
courses, but also the college classroom. This class examines the effects of the paradigm shift of the
late 19th century manifested in the literature of the early Modernists as well as the shift in the mid-
20th century to the Post-Modernist philosophical perspective. Both these modern philosophical
perspectives and the nuances of character motivation, perspective and actions, as well as their
connection to the truth of the human condition are examined within a biblical perspective and
context. Students will write a research paper using current MLA format. Literary works include
Dubliners, The Great Gatsby, The Wasteland, The Glass Menagerie, and Lord of the Flies. Authors
include James Joyce, Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Golding and Tennessee