Our new 6th grade Bible curriculum Building on the Rock presents a framework of biblical truth and values and encourages students to reflect upon it.  The daily work provides opportunities in various formats for our scholars to apply what they have learned.  Ultimately, students must individually embrace biblical truth and act on it as they are enabled by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Within these parameters, the goal of the curriculum is to help young students begin to develop a cohesive Christian worldview through which they can interpret the world around them and respond biblically to it in their thinking and actions.

Biblical Worldview

A “worldview” is the framework through which a person perceives, understands, and interacts with the world around him/herself. Whether or not you realize it, everyone has a worldview. In this year- long course, students will study the Christian worldview and compare it with Islam, Secular Humanism, Marxism, Cosmic Humanism (New Age), and Postmodernism, as each understands specific areas of thought such as theology, philosophy, law, biology, economics, psychology, sociology, and ethics. Students will be required to read, individually and in groups, various books from both Christian and non-Christian perspectives. In lieu of semester exams, students will participate in the Worldview Parliament - the collaborative culmination of course content - wherein they will discuss and argue for/against current issues from the point of view of both an adopted, non- Christian worldview and the Christian worldview. This class operates on a key maxim: “Ideas Have Consequences.”

Full year 1 Credit

Grade: 12

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